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Panels of non-combustible coloured through fibre cement

Fibreclad is a “coloured through” non-combustible panel made from fibre cement. These products are perfect for external cladding, semi-exposed and external/internal lining applications.

Despite their natural-looking appearance, Fibreclad is known for its durability, practicality and affordability. To meet a wide range of project’s needs, these materials have optional surface treatments and can come in various colours and textures.

  • Panels of non-combustible fibre cement
  • Ideal for external cladding, semi-exposed and external lining applications
  • Characteristic variations in colour and texture give Fibreclad the look of a natural material, just far more durable, practical and cost-effective
  • Stocked in a wide range of colours & textures inspired by nature, to maximise a building’s integration into its surrounding environment
  • Optional surface treatments are available (e.g. antigraffiti) to suit your particular project needs

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