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The beauty of wood naturally enhances any building

Prodema’s wood products for interior and exterior cladding add natural aesthetic appeal to the architecture and interior decor of any project, bringing them to life with beauty, elegance and style.

As the global leading construction product for eco-friendly yet highly durable panels, Prodema has an ISO14006 certification in ECOdesign, offering a wood veneer finish that will take the architecture and interior decoration of any building to the next level.

Why choose Prodema?

Prodema ProdEX panels are created with a clear and highly resistant PVDF outer film so they are protected from external elements such as wind, sun and rain, while requiring minimal maintenance.

There are a range of versatile mounting systems offered by Prodema, including Concealed, Exposed, Louvers, Clapboard Facades and Curved Façades that are available in a number of different natural timber finishes.

Due to their ability to be perforated, these natural wood products are also perfect for areas that require optimal acoustics.

Aside from being highly resistant to impact, fire and exposure to direct sunlight, Prodema’s panels are also a highly flexible natural wood laminate. They are designed for raised access floors, high-traffic commercial spaces and dry environments.


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