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Setting the industry standard for fire safety in composite panelling

ALPOLIC™/fr is a lightweight, rigid and flat aluminium composite material made up of aluminium skins and a mineral-filled fire-retardant core. Having a coating of fluorocarbon paint as its surface finish, it offers a similar ease of fabrication as other panels on the market.™

ALPOLIC™/fr has been a world leader in fire safe technology since the year 2000 and maintains the same high quality in safety today.

Why choose ALPOLIC™/fr?

ALPOLIC™/fr is made up of a fire-retardant core ‘sandwiched’ between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium. While its top face is coated with fluorocarbon paint,  ALPOLIC™/fr’s reverse side is painted with a service coating.

As ALPOLIC™/fr is among the world’s most advanced fire-resistant materials available, it has become a popular option for exterior fire-resistant cladding. ALPOLIC™/fr is also affordable yet known to be IBC-listed, which is why this material has already been utilised in many landmark building and construction projects around the world.

ALPOLIC™/fr is stocked in Australia in a wide range of sizes and colours ready for your next project.

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